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The power of PTA is in its membership. Every additional member adds power when your PTA goes before a SBDM council, school board, or speaks to a school board member. The number of your PTA adds clout when you contact state and federal legislators. With enough members, PTA can and does improve education, health and safety for every child.  


What do membership dues pay for? They...

  • Provide PTA leaders training, workshops, materials and publications (newsletters, magazines, brochures, reproducible graphics, programs, videos, resource and leadership materials).
  • Defray costs for state and national volunteers who travel to train PTAs.
  • Provide support—local PTAs are never alone! State and district boards (and even national if need be) can be contacted at any time.
  • Pay for student, teacher and parent scholarships.
  • Pay for student, teacher, and school awards programs.
  • Support child advocacy—many people hear that term but don’t pay much attention to it. Members should know that national, state and district members are working with state and federal legislatures continuously, to pass bills that would most benefit students and public education. When important issues involving children and youth are at stake, PTA is there.

Where does it go?

$1.25 of each members’ dues goes to the Kentucky PTA, $2.25 goes to the National PTA, 20 cents per member goes to the District PTA. State and national dues are paid monthly and district dues are billed. Each local unit’s bylaws state the amount of its PTA’s dues.

Membership Card Facts        

  • Membership cards are provided by the National PTA to Kentucky PTA, which is accountable for the cards.
  • The cards are put in the local unit packet available to every president at the beginning of a new year. These packets can be picked up at the Leadership Conference in July or at the district office once the Leadership Conference is over.
  • The number of cards is based upon the number of members reported for the immediate past year. Additional cards will be sent from the state office upon request when the original cards have been used and paid for.
  • A card is issued to one person, not to a family.
  • Membership is required in order for a person to vote or hold office at their local PTA.
  • Membership in one unit does not constitute membership and voting privilege in another unit.
  • Every card issued to a local unit must be accounted for. Return any unused cards to the state office in May.
  • Never issue blank membership cards.
  • Membership campaigns should last the entire school year. Consider having a handout for the school office to give to new parents, inviting them to join the PTA. Put different “ads” in your newsletters, have a membership table at all school functions…, continually recruit members!
  • The membership chairman should give the treasurer a completed membership form, with new members names attached, every month and remind him/her to send in the dues by the 15th of each month.
  • The membership chairman should fill out the membership cards completely before giving them to new members. The unit number can be found on the front of the local unit packet (or call the district office). Members are entitled to certain discounts if they provide a valid membership ID number.

15th District PTA Membership Awards

  • Ten Percent Increase over Previous Year
  • 200 Members Over Previous Year
  • District Membership Equaled Previous Year’s Membership
  • District’s Largest PTAs Based on Number of Members
  • President’s Award (100 Over Last Year)
  • District’s Largest Percentage Increase Based on Last Year’s Membership
  • Top Membership Based on Percent of Current Year Enrollment
  • Two Hundred Percent Membership (Based on Enrollment)
  • One Hundred Percent Membership (Based on Enrollment)
  • District’s Top 20 PTA/PTSA’s Based on Number of Members 

Look at Kentucky PTA's Leaders' Notebook, or go to www.kypta.org for Kentucky PTA membership awards that are offered.

Outstanding Membership Campaign Award

When are you truly a PTA member?

“A person has truly become a PTA member when their circle of concern stretches beyond their own to include all children. A parent is truly a PTA member when their decisions are decided by a deep and abiding sense of responsibility for other peoples’ children as well as their own. Whatever you want for your own children—want for all children.”

Author unknown

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